Full Circle Moments in Flamborough

For fear of not expressing myself well, I have yet to write properly about my concept of “full circle” and my desire to explore it here in this blog. But I’ll give it a go and allow myself the luxury of not having to get it “right” or even terribly completely just yet.

It had been ages since we’d gone exploring as a family, and we took the afternoon to drive from Bridlington to Flamborough and see that part of the Yorkshire coast. We had lunch in a pub in town (jacket potatoes, steak and ale pie – nice English things) and then walked over to take a peek at the town “green” donated in 1964 by the Lord of the local manor. It was an impressively large area of grass and a play park, and this enormous relic.


We really didn’t know where we were going, since we hadn’t researched the trip ahead of time. I was so glad to notice a sign to the “Lighthouse”. So we got back in the car and drove in that direction.


As soon as we went down this road, I had a rush of nostalgia. Nicholas agreed with me that it felt like Long Island, the landscape so similar to that between Amagansett and Montauk as well as other parts of Suffolk County where I grew up. But I wasn’t homesick. It was an excitement for the present experience reminding me of the beauty of my childhood home, and for how the confluence of enviromental factors in very different countries creates a similar energetic. It was a Full Circle moment for me, which I was experiencing daily in our first weeks here. It’s been less often recently, and I would like to turn my attention to exploring both the ones I’m now noticing as well as some of the grander ones that presented themselves in our early days in England.

Cycles are part of Life – we have them every year with the changing of the seasons, every day with the rising and setting of the sun. We have themes that appear and reappear in our yearly and daily experiences – some of them happy, some challenging, many we take for granted. Noticing them and seeing how they are relevant to our current situation is important, I think. I will write about more of those in coming posts. But this one was fairly simple – the topography looked like home and made me think of my childhood. I’m not sure what conclusions I’m drawing, if any, about this being “home” now just as much as the Hamptons were in my past. But it bears thinking about what “home” means in general, what it’s like to change homes, how I’m relating to my current location similarly or differently to how I did as a child.

It was a picture-perfect day. Just look at these scenes…

Flamborough HeadCliffs

The cliffs are composed of chalk, and the sun glinted off them quite dramatically.


There are a number of caves to explore, but we didn’t get to do that yet. I think a different part of Flamborough is best for getting down to the caves. The many colors of the water were deliciously gorgeous here.

And there are two lighthouses at Flamborough. One from the 1800’s that again really reminded me of Montauk Lighthouse –


And one from the mid-1600’s a bit further in, recently renovated to the tune of a hundred thousand pounds to repair all the crumbling chalk it’s made of –


Too beautiful for words, that sky…

What then really got me was that even Montauk Daisies are growing here! Just like home, wow… The coasts are so similar. I had never realized or noticed that before, though. Interesting.



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