Westwood Wanderings

Nicholas walks on the Westwood nearly every day. I wish I could say I did too, but maybe half the time I join him. A week or so ago, we went together on a damp morning. Our lane leads all the way to the Westwood, we were shocked to see this at the top of the road. My apologies to any Metals (so sorry, haven’t started speaking about the Five Element patterns yet) who would find this too revolting. Focus on the lovely flowers intstead.


A cow had obviously escaped and left her mark. Visions of India came to us, where cows constantly roam and freely leave dung about. There, however, it’s a precious commodity and gets collected right away for use as fuel or to make small shelters like mud houses. This one was sitting for a while, having collected a bit of rain. A month or so previous, our next-door neighbor had told us how just last year there were five renegade cows who consistently escaped the Westwood and wandered down our street, just feet away from the middle of town. Every morning she would somehow shoo them back up to pasture. Looks like another renegade is back, likely having come through this gate.


Turning around from this spot, an expansive view of six hundred acres of pasture opens. Ahh, the Westwood. It is beautiful, the jewel of Beverley. I can’t believe we live a hop, skip and a jump from here.



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