Plums again

YellowPlumsFavorite copy

I was walking to Frith Farm today, the Beverley organic one, for my one volunteer day this week. I saw a man picking yellow plums off the tree by the side of the road. I smiled at my own initial shock and proprietary feelings. The plums I had discovered weeks ago were being picked by another! And then I quickly came to my senses and was just happy that more people are picking. I’d feel so obliged to pick all of them myself otherwise, and then what would I do with that glut of goodness?

I moved on, but when I came to the next plum tree, the red one, I just couldn’t help myself. I decided to not worry about being late to the farm and spent half an hour picking up windfalls. What if the yellow plum man moved on to red before I made my way home? Or if it rained before I was homeward-bound? That was likely a motivator, to not miss out on any plums. Strike while the iron is hot, my mom used to say. So I struck. How convenient that there was a large mulched area that both cushioned the plums and made them easily visible.

RedPlum Windfalls

There were SO many! I filled my pockets at first, but then realized I was being silly and got out a bag. What lovely heaviness I carried with me the rest of the way to the farm. What I had in my pockets we shared at lunchtime. And when I got home, I weighed the little beauties in the bag.  Over two and a half kilos, so almost six pounds, my goodness!

They smell amazing. Fruity of course, with a tropical note that brings delight and a feeling of freshness. Jam-time.

RedPlums in Bowl

And you can bet I’m going back to the yellow plum tree once I preserve these lovelies.


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